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Private trips are all customized with a pickup location and time of your choosing.
Please arrive at the initial pickup location 15 minutes prior to departure.

Public tours, read the trip’s description details for information about the pickup location and times.

If seeking a custom pickup for a public tour please email

Additional fees may apply (average add-on cost of $25).

Most trips range from 5-7 hours depending on drive time. We stay at each distillery approx. 1-hour.

We recommend no more than 2-3 stops on a distillery trip/tour. We do this to ensure everyone’s intoxication level is under control and per the request of the facilities we do business with.

Public Distillery Tours are $125/per person.

Private trips are customized and broken down on our proposals to include transportation, food, drink, tour guide, and any activities on the trip that may cost extra so that you can modify to fit your needs/budget. The transportation fee varies depending on the day (Mid-week $80/hour Sunday $90/hour Sat $100/hour)

Our vehicles fit 10-13 people.

We have built connections with distilleries in the state of Connecticut to offer you unique customized distillery tours.

Click here to see a full list of distilleries located in the State of Connecticut.

Private bookings are first come, first serve. Saturday’s are our most popular day and often get booked out a month in advance.

Public Tours, Sunday’s and mid-week private trips are less busy and can often be booked 2-3 weeks in advance.

Your best bet is to fill out our online inquiry form to get the conversation started. Please fill out any information you can provide and our sales team will reach out with additional questions or a suggested proposal. We break down our proposals to include transportation, food, drink, tour guide, and any activities on the trip that may cost extra so that you can modify to fit your needs/budget.

Public tours  cannot be extended. These trips follow a strict schedule.

If on a private trip, we recommend you coordinate an extended trip prior to departure. If looking to extend your time the day of the trip, you can coordinate with the driver/guide for an additional $50/per hour which must be paid immediately.

Gift certificates are available year round in $25 intervals. They get delivered right to your inbox or you have the option for us to mail to you. Note: even though they say “CT Beer Tours” you can redeem for distillery tours.

All attendees must be 21+ years of age unless booking a private customized transportation trip.

We rarely cancel our tours. All sales are final, however you can exchange for a future date if you ask to reschedule within 48 hours. If we cancel, we will reschedule the trip for a later date that works for both parties.

For private tours; 50% deposit is non-refundable. Final payment is due 2-weeks prior to the trip date.You have up until this date (2 weeks prior to trip date) to cancel or reschedule.

Keep an eye out for an email from the week of the trip letting you know of any last minute information. You will need to bring a photo ID as well as sign a waiver prior to departure. All of this is explained in the email leading up to the trip or you can fill out one digitally here –

We often bring you behind the scenes at the drinking establishments we visit which serve as manufacturing areas,  therefore we ask that no open toe shoes be worn when on tour with us.

We supply chips and water free of charge, but you are welcome to bring additional food and drink on board (we just ask for NO HARD LIQUOR to be brought on board).

There is very limited space on our vehicles. For public tours we ask that your cooler be small enough to fit under a standard seat approx. the size to fit a six-pack. If on a private tour, please ask us if there is room for a larger capacity cooler by emailing

If taking a public tour, lunch is included with your ticket. Most facilities have food trucks or a kitchen on site. We also provide chips free of charge on our vehicles.

Unfortunately, our vans do not have wheelchair lifts or grab bars to be handicap accessible.

Our beer vans do not have bathrooms, but we can help direct you to the closest one once we arrive at the facilities we will be traveling to. We do not stop for bathroom breaks in between stops.

The facilities as well as our guide and driver reserve the right to ask you to leave. We have a zero tolerance policy for excessive drinking and rude behavior. If you appear intoxicated the facilities have a right to not serve you as well ask you to remain in the van while the rest of your party goes inside. We can call you an Uber/Lyft or worst case scenario the police to escort you out of the facility or off the van.

We have a zero tolerance policy for intoxication. Our trips are about having fun, not a free for all. We understand it can happen and have barf bags available. We can also call you an Uber/Lyft to take you home. If someone throws up on the van (aka releases bodily fluids, we will immediately shut down the trip with no refunds. A $300 sanitation fee will be charged.

If a tour guide is on your trip he/she will serve as your DJ. Our vans have bluetooth capability to hook-up your own phone/tablet. We have two USB ports  available at the front of the van if seeking to charge your phone; bringing your own cord is highly recommended.

Tips are not included in the ticket cost. 20% gratuity is customary for our drivers and guides who go above and beyond to make your trip safe and enjoyable. We recommend you bring cash or you can digitally send through paypal – or venmo –

If you have been on a trip with us, we’d love to hear from you. If you provided us with your email, we send out a feedback survey which showcases links to tip (in case you forgot) as well as links to leave a customer review.

Have any additional questions please email