CT Distillery Tours – Safety Guidelines

Last updated: May 19, 2021

As of May 19, 2021, capacity limits for both indoor and outdoor dining are eliminated, provided mask requirements are observed.

Masks are no longer required outdoors. Vaccinated persons are not required to wear a mask indoors.

Those who are not vaccinated will be required to wear a mask indoors unless they are eating and drinking.

These rules may differ based on municipality and place of business. We advise you to verify the status of face coverings on town or business websites before visiting.

Connecticut Beer Tour (ctdistillerytours.com) employees are all vaccinated and will not be wearing masks when on tours unless specifically asked to do so. 

Last updated: Dec 13, 2020
As COVID-19 restrictions continue to change, we at CT Beer Tours are closely monitoring state guidelines and will continue to post updates on this page.

Currently NO PUBlC TOURS or SHUTTLES are being run at this time.

PRIVATE TRIPS to breweries, vineyards, cideries and distilleries are being booked on a first come, first serve basis. To fill out an inquiry, click here.

It is with utmost importance for our guests, affiliates and employees to be safe and follow strict guidelines.

Each facilities guidelines vary.  A few of those guidelines are as follows.

  • Food must be purchased at each stop (even if it is not provided in our quotes). See FOOD GUIDELINE rules blow.
  •  All facilities have 6ft separated seating and is filled on a first come first serve basis. You cannot move around furniture, therefore your group may need to be split up or have to wait to be seated.
  •  All facilities require that you remain seated at your tables. No standing or walking around.
  • Some facilities have waitstaff where they come to you, while others prefer one person at a time to order at the bar area. (There is no bar seating at this time).
  • You MUST wear a mask in and out of the facility, or when walking to the bathroom, food truck, or to order.
  • Masks must be worn when walking through the facility and staying seated are strictly enforced. In the event that a guest jeopardizes the health and safety of another guest, a guide, or a brewery employee or customer (i.e. is asked multiple times to wear a mask, refuses to wear a mask, refuses to remain seated at table and abide by social distancing guidelines, etc), they will be removed from the tour, and no refund will be issued.
  • No drinks maybe taken off of the beer tour vehicles and into the facility and vice versa no glassware/drinks can come out of the facilities and onto the vehicle


“Food,” for purposes of the new rule, means food that creates a sit-down dining experience and is similar in quality and substance to a meal. For example:

  • Includes sit-down meals that must be eaten from tableware with the use of utensils (e.g. large servings of soup, large salads, or plated entrees);
  • Includes food that, while not traditionally eaten with utensils, constitutes a full meal (e.g. pizza, hamburgers, or sandwiches);
  • Includes food similar in quality and substance to a meal, such as heavy appetizers (e.g. stuffed pretzels, chicken wings, charcuterie plates, fried calamari, loaded nachos, or flatbreads);
  • Includes substantial dessert items (e.g. a full piece of cake, an entire pastry, or a full ice cream sundae);
  • Includes items from an on-site food truck or walk-up order window, provided the patron is seated with their food order;
  • Includes shareable food items, so long as the food creates a sit-down dining experience for all patrons in the party, and creates the quality and substance of a meal for every patron in the party (e.g. sushi platter for four);
  • Does not include side items by themselves (e.g. French fries, bread, small cup of soup, small salad, or small portions of vegetables);
  • Does not include snack food, although those items may be served as sides to other substantial foods (e.g. chips, popcorn, pretzels, candy, or nuts); and
  • Does not include food brought to the premises by the patron from home or other location, other than on-site food truck.

Public Tours and Shuttles will remain closed until the state allows for bars to be open at full capacity.


• If you forget your mask , we will provide for our guests to wear for the duration of their tour.
• Hand sanitizer is available on our vehicles.
• In the event that a guest jeopardizes the health and safety of another guest, a guide, or a brewery employee or customer (e.g. refuses to wear a mask, refuses to abide by social distancing guidelines, etc.), they will be removed from the tour, and no refund will be issued.
• Guides will wash hands, in compliance with the CDC guidance on handwashing, at least once at every brewery, especially when touching multiple items.
• If our guides are bussing a table to help out the brewery staff, they will wash hands immediately following.
• Drivers and guides will take their temperatures frequently to monitor for fever and will not work if they are sick. After an illness, a guide can return to work after receiving a negative test for COVID-19 or having no fever for 14 days.
• We will have an on-call guide and driver every weekend to replace any sick employeez
• We will clean and sanitize all surfaces of the van prior to, and following, every tour using approved sanitizers.
• Guides and drivers will wear a mask during all portions of the tour.

We look forward to returning back to normal but until then, we appreciate your cooperation in complying with these guidelines.

Full PDF of state mandate can be viewed here – https://portal.ct.gov/-/media/DECD/Covid_Business_Recovery-Phase-2-1/CTReopens21_IndoorDining1212020.pdf